Torrance House energy-saving install of Navien 40KW


Formerly part of the Calderwood and Torrance Country estates, the first Torrance tower house was burned to the ground by the English army in 1570, The current house was rebuilt in 1605 by Robert Hamilton. In the late 18th century coal mining brought prosperity to the estate and the courtyard and flanking wings were added (east burnt down in 1965)and many of the walkways were laid out in the glen. Torrance then became the HQ of East Kilbride Development Corporation until 1965 and was from here East Kilbride new town was planned. The Tower House is now two private residences, one of which is owned by the customer who contacted Wm. Donnelly & Co Ltd to request an estimate for a new heating system to be installed.

As Wm. Donnelly & Co Ltd are the the first service agent in Scotland to partner with Navien we felt that the customer could benefit from our collaboration and have a new trial system installed which we were sure would benefit the customer massively.

We felt that the customers current heating system was effective at an approximate temperature of a 65°C flow and a 55°C return. At these temperatures, we were confident that we could match our system design to run the customers’ existing central heating. This could be achieved with a 24% reduction for the heating capacity, down to 34.6kW with an approximate 98%* efficiency for the gas consumption and giving the customer a 50% reduction from their current 70kW boiler.

In addition, we would better regulate the heating requirement with combined Opentherm and Weather Compensated, modulating controls.

The concerns we had for the project were largely governed by an already undersized heating system for the property. The limitations of this trial installation would be that it is designed to match the customers current heating system and would therefore not be suitable for any additional extensions to, or upsizing of, the central heating circuit and radiators. It may be possible that an additional heating unit would need to be considered if this trial proved to not adequately heat the whole house effectively.

This would equate to 31.5kw minimum and a 45.5kw Maximum output we have calculated that by operating the system with a differential temperature of 65* on the flow & 55*Return pipework we could achieve approximately 98% Efficiency whilst having a 21C target temperature within the property. To achieve these targets, we carried out a Powerflush and chemical cleanse on the existing installation.

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Old system consisting of a

DSC_0178 960x1280

Worcester Heatwave 70kw

DSC_0180 960x1280

New system consisting of a

DSC_3755 960x1280

Navien 40KW

DSC_3762 960x1280